About Justin

Justin Bravo

Artist / Maker

As an artist, I try to put a bit of myself, my perspective or experience into all of my works. I believe as a contemporary maker, this is a method to lead to the goal of greater unity, understanding and conversation. To that end, I believe it is my job to learn all I can of history and creating to help communicate that goal, from conventional 2D and 3D media, utilitarian materials, and video. Pushing myself in this manner is a way of discovering all that is possible for an artist with my past, my identity, and my drive for the future. 

This allows my work to take the form of confrontational poetry, conceptual representable art, or happy, graphic murals of dogs and nature. The state of flow and joy that comes from creating is something I wish to transfer into the world and my viewers.

Stuff I do
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Digital Art
  • Sewing
  • Poetry
  • Performance